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We set ourselves apart by placing service first and foremost. Our approach is unique in that we go the extra mile to get an in-depth understanding of your business and the challenges you face. Honesty, flexibility, quality, and a genuine interest in the success of your business is what separates WOWaccess apart from any other firm.

WOW Access now provides residential and business Internet services using the latest Broadband technology

With a WOW ACCESS Broadband connection, you will be able to choose the speed of your connection. Burstable connection speeds - fast upload/download speeds. Faster than Dialup, Cable, DSL, or Satellite. We can even provide guaranteed bandwidth. For business we have Flat Rate plans with absolutely NO extra data charges or hidden fees.

Bandwidth options range from T-1 to 1.5Gbps, and support VoIP, cloud computing, bandwidth on demand, wireless redundancy, VPN's, and disaster recovery.

WOW now owns and operates its own state of the art fiber optic network. The first locations are already installed so give us a call today to get your facility all of the benefits fiber has to offer. For more information click here.


  • Speed and Scalability
  • WOW Access owns its entire network and does not rely on the phone company
  • 24/7/365 monitoring
  • Same day Installation available
  • Symmetrical bandwidth
  • Scalable bandwidth with just a phone call

Business Broadband Plans

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  1. Business grade broadband
  2. Static IP included no extra charges
  3. Up to 20Mb download speed
  4. Local same day service

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